This architecture firm was always very personal to me, and the obvious name option would have been to incorporate it under my own name”, explains Camille Colón, CEO. “However, it was important to highlight that CUBE was more than just one individual, it is a team of professionals that collaborate together, and its name needed to refer to this innate collaboration. C3 (C Cube) was the second name studied, as it refers to my initials, Camille Colón Conde. Nevertheless, the name organically transformed to CUBE. Together, we share a belief that progress is what shapes the mind of an architect, making it so that when bold mindsets like ours collide, proficient projects are born.” Although Cube has planted a plethora of success stories over the past five years, it is its first project, a farmhouse in Utuado, the countryside of Puerto Rico, the one that remains everyone’s favorite. To date, its facade is one of those designs that with time, inevitably will become a love story for everyone involved. This design marries modern architecture with rural living. It’s vertical elements merge with the surrounding dense tropical forest, providing with all modern amenities. “This design was commissioned by Luis Felipe Colón González, my father, but it was never built”, says Colón. “Hence, it is an homage to him as well. A project very close to my heart, like the house I build for my children.

Among other projects the firm feels very proud of is the Puerto Rico Medical Research Center.This project, located in San Juan, will feature a state-of-the-art Oncology Research Center.The overall design transforms the urban fabric, as it is located in a “forgotten “block of the city center,as the doctors and researchers working in this building are redefining treatment for cancerous disease. Its façade refers in a very poetical fashion to the progression from sickness (rusted metal) to cure (green wall) through the use of medical research (glass).
At CUBE, everyone feels passionate about this project, their clients, and the way it will definitely impact Puerto Rico.
And, as CUBE continues to cement itself as the go-to firm in the Caribbean and it aims to reshape the way people live in Puerto Rico while offering beautiful, outlasting experiences through the lenses of highly qualified professionals and the design of well thought spaces, the team shares a vision of enhancing the Island, with intention, inclusion, mind and soul embedded, one building at a time. Knowing the merciless Caribbean weather is a fundamental element in Puerto Rico’s construction patterns, Colón makes sure she plays around it gracefully and gives it the attention it deserves, because after all, as Louis I. Kahn used to say, “The sun never knew how great it was until it hit the side of a building.


Camille M. Colón Conde

Camille is an architect with more than 15 years of experience in design, interior design, construction management and project consulting. She obtained her degree in Cornell University and is a LEED Accredited Professional, as well as a licensed architect in Puerto Rico.


Karina Tirado

Ms. Tirado has received a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Michigan, Taubman College of Architecture + Urban Planning. Karina has added plenty of value to our firm.Her creativity ignites our designs with a youthful and fresh perspective.She visualizes the project three dimensionally and produces renderings, videos and construction documents utilizing BIM.Karina’s all-around education in music, art and architecture makes her an integral part of our practice.We all enjoy her attention to detail in everything she does and her unique sense of humor.Karina is always in the “now, ahead of all trends.

Monica Viitanen

Mrs. Viitanen has a degree in interior design combined with a bachelor in marketing.She has ample experience in product sales and deepening our understanding of the market.Her exquisite taste and sensitivity deliver sophistication in our interior spaces, and her organization skills enables control over sourcing and project administration.

Karla Hernández

Ms. Hernandez has a background in fashion merchandising and has ample experience on business management.Embedded with the latest trends, Karla keeps us updated on what’s hot and what’s coming.Karla is a born leader and takes charge of commissioning and project procedures. She is energetic and stylish, injecting optimism all around us.